Brief History

Carpet manufacturing and exporting is our family business started by our grandsires who were the masters in making creative handmade carpets and rugs, they were involved in this awesome creativity since 1952. Our Grandfather Mr. Rustam Ali Ansari started a company named “M/s Suleman & Sons” with few looms and weavers and within few years they expanded it to the larger number of looms and weavers and started exporting to the global market, later his sons took over the responsibility of moving the company ahead with thier master-skill in research & development and gave the company a new dimension. In 2004 they handed over the responsibility to their third generation and introduced a company named “Ansari Rug Bazar”, following their footsteps we are moving their mission ahead in a new fashion and took the business at the new level of success and continuously maintaining the pace year by year.


  • Vision: The company aspire to make best products, work hard together across the boundaries to meet the need of customers.
  • Mission: To strive together with personal accountability to deliver finest product and to develop premium relationship with the customers.
  • Goal: SMART product is SMART for business.
  • S: Social Responsibility.
  • M: Measurement of Quality.
  • A: Achievement of Quantity.
  • R: Research & Developments.
  • T: Timely Delivery.

key process:

  • Strenuous team dedicated in planning each and every step of production process and sales, perform together and achieves defined set of goal.
  • In-house production facility to maintain the secrecy.
  • Outsourcing the items by authorized and specialized supplier to maintain quality.


How we work

What makes US special?
  • We make sure our clients don't lack New Developments, they are up-to date with the latest trends and creations. 
  • Making sure the quality is as good as the samples.
  • We manage on-time deliver to maintain a good relation
  • We make sure that we give them true honest reports and informations of their production.
  • We have the capacity of container loads and can double triple as per the requirement.
  • Can provide custom based order.
  • Maintaining a good genuine quantity with quality control. 
  • Lastly honesty and our dedication, we provide 24/7 effort to our clients if they want things urgently.